Advancing Student Success

Internalizing and School Refusal Behavior Program (ISRB)

School refusal behavior encompasses all subsets of problematic absenteeism, such as truancy, school phobia, and separation anxiety. The Internalizing and School Refusal Behavior Program provides a small, structured and safe classroom environment designed to provide emotional support to students with anxiety and/or mood disorders.

The LifeWorks team of professionals works in collaboration with students, parent(s) and home school district to develop personalized intervention accounting for psychosocial, developmental, and cultural factors while matching motivation and capability to increase student attendance, educational, and socio-emotional achievement. Credit Recovery and Independent study opportunities are available for gifted students.

Students enrolled in the ISRB Program may exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety and/or mood disorder(s) that impedes functioning in a large education setting.
  • A decrease in academic performance due to internalizing mannerisms.
  • An inability to develop appropriate school relationships with peers and school staff.
  • Identified with a learning disability or as being gifted.

• School Refusal Behavior, the function of which is 1, 2, or 3 on the School Refusal Assessment Scale.

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